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October 11, 2022

Mounjaro is a new FDA approved drug for people that are overweight or have diabetes. It has been shown to be extremely effective with users losing 20% of their body weight in a clinical trial (40 lbs for a 200 lb person). It is available for a limited time to many people for $25 per month - 98% off the retail price.

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Mounjaro is best for people that have had struggles with weight loss, and would like to try something new that does not require difficult diet changes or exercise.

To use Mounjaro, you have to inject yourself with a special device once a week. The injection site is right under your skin in your thigh, abdomen area, or upper arm.

The drug helps in multiple ways:

  • Release insulin when blood sugar is high
  • Helps the body remove excess sugar from the blood
  • Stop the liver from making and releasing too much sugar
  • Reduce how much food is eaten
  • Slow down how quickly food leaves the stomach

The last two points are important for how you will feel on Mounjaro. People on Mounjaro have said that they lose all feelings of hunger, cravings, and feel full much faster. This helps them eat less, which results in weight loss and better diabetes control.

Mounjaro is currently FDA approved for the treatment of Type II Diabetes. In addition, studies have shown that people without diabetes taking Mounjaro for just weight loss have lost 20% of their body weight on average. This means for a 200 lb person, they would lose 40 lbs.

Why should you try Mounjaro? The best reason is if you’ve struggled with weight loss and want to try a new drug that helps you feel full and reduce food cravings. People online say it works magically.

Why should you not try Mounjaro? There are potential side effects such as nausea and diarrhea. Also, people with pancreatitis or certain cancers should not use Mounjaro. Mounjaro is not for Type I diabetes. In addition, the cost can be high for people who want to use Mounjaro for just weight loss ($1,200 per month). The good news is that if you have commercial insurance (not government sponsored insurance like medicare or medicaid), we can give you a coupon to get Mounjaro for just $25 per month (98% off retail price).

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Next Steps

If you want to try Mounjaro, the next step is to talk to your doctor to get a prescription.

Instructions for getting a Mounjaro prescription from your doctor

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